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LASIK Procedure

Your vision correction procedure at Southern Eye will be a comfortable experience as we guide you through the process. Our staff’s primary concern is your comfort and the success of your procedure.

Before Your Procedure

During your vision correction consultation, we will perform tests to measure and confirm correction and corneal thickness. One of Southern Eye Center’s fellowship-trained surgeons will examine your eyes, obtain information for the vision correction option, and answer any questions. A technician will review post-operative instructions with you to ensure you understand how to care for your eyes after your procedure.

During Your Procedure

Oral medication will be administered to ensure relaxation and a nap following the procedure. Although numbing drops are used in the eyes, you will remain awake for the 20-30 minute visit to the laser suite. During your LASIK procedure, you may notice a small amount of gentle pressure on your eye. This pressure is added by our advanced technology to ensure the accuracy and precision of your procedure.

A friend or family member must accompany you to the appointment, remain with you for the entire visit and serve as your driver following your procedure. The day of your procedure, we advise that you take a nap in the afternoon to aid in the quickest possible recovery.

LASIK and PRK Recovery

In general, recovery after both LASIK and PRK is quick and predictable. The team at Southern Eye Center will give you detailed instructions for how to manage your recovery.

LASIK patients experience clearer vision immediately after their procedure, and their vision continues to improve over the first few weeks after LASIK. Most patients drive, return to work, and perform normal daily activities the following day. Your first post-operative visit will be scheduled 1-2 days after your procedure. This visit allows the doctor to check your vision and answer any additional questions you may have.

PRK recovery is slightly longer than LASIK due to the natural recovery process necessary to replace the outer epithelium layer of the eye. PRK patients will experience some eye irritation for the first few days after PRK—this irritation is a natural part of the healing process and will subside over the first 1-2 weeks after your procedure. Your first postoperative visit will be scheduled 1-2 days after your procedure to check your vision, recovery process, and answer your questions.

Both LASIK and PRK patients can expect a complete visual recovery over the first month of recovery, with PRK vision taking slightly longer to stabilize than LASIK. You will love your new vision and the freedom you have without glasses or contacts! We will explain to you any activities you should avoid for 1-3 months after your procedure to ensure your eyes and vision are protected.