Wade Tucker, MD


  • Cataract and lens implant surgery
  • Medical and surgical treatment for glaucoma
  • Treatment for patients with dry eye
  • Diabetic eye care
  • General ophthalmology

About Dr. Wade Tucker

Dr. Wade Tucker was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana (Cajun Country), where he attended college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. He graduated cum laude, and was on the Dean’s List 2008-2011.

After college, Dr. Tucker attended medical school at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans (LSUHSC), where he also completed his Ophthalmology Residency.

Following his Residency Program, Dr. Tucker completed a one year fellowship in Cataract and Lens Implant Surgery, Vision Correction, and Anterior Segment Surgery, at Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg.

Dr. Tucker’s medical practice focuses upon helping patients with cataracts regain their precious vision so that they can lead the most productive, most rewarding life possible.

Dr. Tucker takes great care to understand exactly what each of his patients is seeking in terms of a visual outcome. He involves his patients in the planning process of selecting the lens implant most likely to help them to achieve that level of vision.

“I enjoy the process of collaborating with my patients and receiving their input as we work together to create the vision they are seeking,” explains Dr. Tucker.

In many cases, Dr. Tucker and his patients select a Light Adjustable Lens, the only lens implant that can be customized to meet the visual needs of each patient, after their cataract procedure.

Along with his colleagues, Dr. Tucker was one of the first eye surgeons in the State of Mississippi to implant a Light Adjustable Lens.

“The Light Adjustable Lens is truly amazing technology. The level of precision that can be achieved is inspiring. It’s a great choice for many patients who are seeking the very best option,” adds Dr. Tucker.

In addition to cataract surgery, Dr. Tucker performs LASIK, using the Alcon Wave Light System, he offers comprehensive medical and surgical care for glaucoma, performing the latest Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgeries (MIGS), often at the same time as cataract surgery, and he provides treatment for patients with dry eye, those with diabetes, and general ophthalmologic care.


Dr. Tucker believes in close and careful communication with his patients. He wants them to be well informed every step of the way, and he wants to involve them in the decision making process.

“I believe that the basis for a successful patient – physician relationship is a foundation of good communication and trust. The ability to effectively communicate my examination findings and medical/surgical treatment options is an essential element of earning the trust of my patients. I strive to provide patient care with these two principles and in the same manner in which I would treat my own family and loved ones,” explains Dr. Tucker.


Dr. Tucker is a devoted husband and father. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, golfing, traveling, and exploring new places, especially national parks, watching sporting events, and fishing.