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LASIK Affordability

One of the first questions many patients ask about LASIK is about cost. It’s true—LASIK is expensive if you are investing in the best technology and a highly-trained surgical team. But LASIK is also an incredible value when you consider the freedom it gives you and the money you can save over 10-20 years on glasses, contacts, and other corrective lens needs.

The team at Southern Eye Center strives to make the payment process as easy and stress-free as possible. We believe in the life-changing value of LASIK and do everything possible to make the procedure accessible for our patients.

LASIK, Contact Lenses, and Glasses

While your initial investment for LASIK may seem more expensive than corrective eyewear, over time the ongoing costs of glasses and contacts will average out and eventually surpass the cost of your procedure.

On average, Southern Eye Center patients report that, compared to the cost of corrective eyewear, their LASIK procedure pays for itself in just under three years.

Patients with corrective eyewear can expect an annual cost of over $500 for contact lenses alone. When combined with glasses, prescription sunglasses, vision appointments and eye care products, these costs can quickly multiply and repeat each year. In addition, maintaining and applying contact lenses can take up to 60 hours per year.

We’ve found that when we talk to patients about how much they spend each year on glasses and contacts, it truly makes LASIK feel like a fantastic investment and financial savings over time. To find out just how much you could save in the course of your lifetime, use our customizable LASIK Calculator.

Finding the Right Payment Plan for You

At Southern Eye Center, we want every patient to have the chance to achieve better vision and healthy eyes. We offer a wide variety of financing options and payment plans to help LASIK fit into nearly any budget. We gladly welcome your Flex Plan and Health Savings Accounts, and we can also assist you with your CareCredit application process.

CareCredit provides patients an easy option to cover medical procedures and services that most traditional health insurance policies do not cover. Our patients have the option to finance their procedures with low monthly payments and no interest for up to 24 months with approved credit.