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Implantable Contact Lens

Clear vision is priceless, and having the option to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contacts can be a wonderful and freeing opportunity.

Some of our patients may not be ideal candidates for specific vision correction procedures such as LASIK or refractive cataract surgery. Southern Eye Center offers a number of other procedures and technologies to help make clear, free vision an option for as many people as possible.

Advances in implant vision correction technology have made lens implants a great option for more patients than ever before. Southern Eye Center offers some of the most innovative implants available today to help our patients see clearly at every age.

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs) are an alternative to traditional contact lenses used to correct your vision. Instead of being placed on the surface of the eye, an ICL is implanted inside your eye between the iris and the lens. ICLs are a long-term vision solution that can be ideal for many patients looking for lifestyle freedom and predictable vision results.

Implantable Contact Lens Benefits

There are many possible benefits to an ICL procedure:

  • Great Vision: Since an ICL procedure avoids disrupting the cornea, most patients are very happy with the quality of their vision with an ICL.
  • User-Friendly: Because the ICL is implanted in your eye, you will no longer need to clean or care for contact lenses each day.
  • Reversible: Unlike other vision correction options, an ICL can be easily removed if your vision needs change with time.
  • Non-Invasive: The ICL procedure takes only a few minutes and requires only a minimally invasive procedure, leading to less complications and a quicker recovery process.
  • Great value: While an ICL procedure is expensive, it’s a one-time cost that can save patients thousands of dollars over time when compared to the cost of disposable glasses and contact lenses.

To learn more about whether an ICL procedure would be right for you, schedule a consultation with our team at Southern Eye Center.

Toric ICL

Toric ICL technology offers all of the benefits of a traditional ICL procedure together with technology that also treats for astigmatism. Patients who currently use glasses or contacts for both myopia and astigmatism are ideal candidates for our advanced Toric ICL technology.

To learn more about ICL and Toric ICL procedures, schedule a consultation.