Near Vision Loss

Around the age of 40, many people begin to notice the need to hold documents at arm’s length in order to read. It may become difficult to read the menu in a dark restaurant or to make out words on a computer screen. This is a common part of the aging process known as presbyopia that occurs slowly as we grow older.

What is Presbyopia?

 Presbyopia, unlike far-sightedness or hyperopia, which often occur in children, occurs when the lens of the eye loses flexibility. The lens, located directly behind the iris and the pupil, is surrounded by a muscle which bends it in order to focus light directly on the retina. When the lens becomes less flexible, the muscle cannot bend it properly, causing the lens to focus behind the retina rather than on it, so objects up close are not clear.

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Treatment for Presbyopia

 When presbyopia first becomes noticeable, treatment often consists of over-the-counter reading glasses, most commonly known as “readers,” which are available in various strengths. With age, however, the need for stronger and stronger readers will become evident. In addition, although one may only need readers occasionally at first, it may eventually become difficult to read anything up close without glasses. For patients who already suffer from vision problems, such as myopia, or farsightedness, bifocal glasses or contacts may be required to correct both your distance and close-up vision. For people who find the constant need to search for glasses or have them available at all times annoying, the KAMRA Inlay may be the answer.


 The KAMRA Inlay, only 3.8 mm in diameter with a 1.6 mm central opening, is much smaller and thinner than the average contact lens. It looks like a ring with microscopic openings that surround the center that allow oxygen and other nutrients to flow through the eye. The device works by allowing light to move through the eye properly, so images are focused correctly on the retina. In addition, the KAMRA Inlay does not reduce distance vision, an issue from which many people suffer when using glasses designed only for reading. Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg is now offering the KAMRA Inlay procedure to patients across the Pine Belt.

If you are tired of dealing with reading glasses in order to perform regular tasks, such as reading the newspaper, working on a computer or reading a menu, contact Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg today to learn more about the KAMRA Inlay. Schedule your consultation online or give us a call to see if the KAMRA Inlay is right for you.

KAMRA Inlay Procedure

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