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According to the Vision Impact Institute, three out of four people in the United States need vision correction. Of those who do have corrected vision, 71 percent wear glasses while 22 percent wear contact lenses. Corrective lenses adjust vision for many common vision conditions, some of which are more prevalent in children while others occur as a natural part of aging.

Refractive Errors

Some of the most common vision problems are refractive errors in which light does not reflect directly on the retina. These include:

  • Myopia – Near-sightedness due to light focusing in front of the retina
  • Hyperopia – Far-sightedness due to light focusing behind the retina
  • Astigmatism – Distorted vision at all distances due to light not focusing evenly on the retina
  • Presbyopia – inability to read or distinguish items close-up due to changes in the lens of the eye

Although hyperopia and presbyopia can cause similar vision problems, they have different causes. In presbyopia, the lens of the eye becomes rigid as we age so that it cannot bend properly to reflect light onto the retina as it should.

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Treatment for Common Vision Problems

 In most cases, the treatment for common vision problems is corrective lenses. Glasses and contacts for presbyopia are available at Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg that can help patients see better whether sight is affected close-up or far away. Some may only need corrective lenses for driving with myopia or when reading with hyperopia. If vision is very poor, some may need glasses at all times. Breakthroughs in surgery have created many other options for those who suffer from common eye problems. One breakthrough in particular has shown promise, especially for those who suffer from presbyopia, or near vision issues.

Corneal Inlay Procedure

To discover if you’re a candidate for the Corneal Inlay Procedure, visit Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg today to learn how we may restore your reading vision. This breakthrough technology is helping people just like you see clearly again. You can schedule your consultation online or give one of our friendly staff members a call to learn if the Corneal Inlay Procedure is right for you.

KAMRA Inlay Procedure

Raindrop Near Vision Inlay Procedure

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