Cataract Procedure

Having cataracts represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the vision you’ve always imagined.

The only option for treating a cataract is to remove it surgically. If you have been living with cataracts, imagine life with clear, crisp vision and bright, vibrant colors. Think about how much more enjoyable and safe your daily activities will be with outstanding vision. At Southern Eye Center, better vision is achieved every day for the people who have chosen to trust their eyes to us.

Cataract replacement is the most commonly performed outpatient procedure in the United States, but your decision on where to go for cataract removal should not be made lightly. The center you choose should offer advanced technology and experienced surgeons. Southern Eye Center’s physicians know each patient’s needs are different. There’s no “one size fits all” attitude here; we’ve invested in technology that allows us to customize a procedure specifically for your eyes.

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when considering your cataract procedure is who your surgeon will be. The cataract team of Southern Eye Center are among the most experienced and capable cataract surgeons in the United States. Their track record of enhancing vision and improving people’s lives is well-established and their reputation around the country places them in the very top tier of cataract surgeons.

You’ll find confidence in our advanced technology and our fellowship-trained surgeons’ dedication to providing unsurpassed results for our patients. In addition to our results, it is our commitment to provide outstanding patient care with the Southern Eye Center difference—we see people, not just patients.

How Is Cataract Surgery Performed?

Advanced ultrasonic energy techniques combined in certain cases with state-of-the-art laser technology are used to gently remove the cloudy lens from your eye. In its place, an advanced man-made lens is implanted by your surgeon to help you meet your vision correction goals.

The vast majority of patients return to work and enjoy normal activities the day following their cataract removal. Many state that the improvement in their vision is nothing short of a miracle, and they see improvement immediately following their procedure.

At Southern Eye Center, we will do everything possible to help you achieve your best possible vision following cataract removal.

In an effort to make removing your cataract as convenient as possible, in many cases we are able to offer 1-Visit® cataract removal, where your evaluation, special testing and procedure on one eye are performed on the same day.

Your surgeon will advise you of possible complications, benefits and alternatives to cataract removal at the time of your examination. We want to fully answer all of your questions so that you feel confident, comfortable and fully informed prior to your procedure.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts can develop slowly or they may develop rapidly. Each person’s experience is unique. Sophisticated exam techniques and measurements that our surgeons and staff perform serve to confirm the presence of a cataract and how significantly your vision is affected.

Typical symptoms that you may experience if you have cataracts include but are not limited to:

  • Blurred, hazy, or cloudy vision
  • A fading of colors, or colors that may appear substantially less bright, distinct, or vibrant
  • Glare, halos, or a “starburst effect” in the presence of bright lights, such as headlights
  • Difficulty reading and seeing fine detail, such as putting on makeup or threading a fish hook
  • A need for brighter light to read or see other fine details
  • The need for frequent changes in your eyeglass prescription in an attempt to improve vision

The causes of decreased vision are many and varied. Decreased vision can even result from having dry eyes or eyes that tear excessively.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms or any other changes in your vision or the comfort or appearance of your eyes, call Southern Eye Center and schedule an evaluation with one of our physicians. We will determine the reasons for your decreased vision and develop a plan for you to see and feel your best.

Cataract Procedure Options

With modern technology, there are now advanced options for cataract removal. Blade-Free Cataract procedures combine the safety and precision of the laser used for LASIK with traditional cataract techniques to provide outstanding visual results. The surgeons at Southern Eye Center have performed thousands of traditional and blade-free cataract procedures and have helped restore vision to many satisfied patients.

The physicians at Southern Eye Center were the first in the Pine Belt to perform laser cataract surgeries.

Diagram showing the differences between traditional and blade-free cataract procedures