Cataract Packages

With so many advanced cataract procedure options available at Southern Eye Center, it’s more important than ever to learn about your options and discuss your vision goals with your surgeon. We will help you fully understand your options and recommend the best options for your lifestyle. At Southern Eye Center, we offer three customizable packages to help you achieve your ideal vision.

Standard Vision Precision Vision Ultimate Vision
Procedure Type Traditional Traditional Blade-Free
Lens Options Basic Monofocal Lens High Definition or Toric Monofocal Lens Premium Multifocal Lens
Vision Without Glasses Distance Distance Near, Intermediate, and Distance
Post-Surgical Options None Astigmatism Correction or LASIK Fine-Tune Astigmatism Correction and LASIK Fine-Tune

Standard Vision

Our Standard Vision option is ideal for patients looking for a traditional approach to cataract replacement to achieve clear distance vision while wearing glasses for near and intermediate activities.

Precision Vision

Our Precision Vision option features advanced technology such as high definition monofocal lenses, toric lenses, and post-surgical laser options to fine tune your vision.

Using modern technology, high definition lens implants offer significantly improved vision compared to the standard lens implant. A high definition lens implant uses wavefront technology that incorporates 3D imagery into the design of the lens and provides you with better overall vision than traditional lens implants. As reported in FDA studies, high definition lens implants offer patients improved contrast sensitivity, color perception, functional vision and improved night vision.

The Precision Package offers a high definition or toric lens and includes two surgical laser options: an LRI (Limbal Relaxing Incision) to correct astigmatism and a LASIK fine-tune for optimal focal clarity. This package is ideal for patients who desire better distance vision and want to correct their astigmatism.

Ultimate Vision

The Ultimate Vision package is designed for people who are frustrated with wearing glasses and contacts and want the very best vision with an expanded range for near and distance. This package is ideal for many reasons including:

  • Desiring a more youthful appearance
  • Active parents and grandparents
  • Business professionals
  • Athletes
  • People with active lifestyles
  • People who want less dependence on glasses or contacts

The Ultimate Vision Package uses Z-Cataract laser removal technology together with a premium multifocal lens implant, blade-free cataract incisions for greater precision and quicker visual recovery, blade-free astigmatism correction, and LASIK fine-tuning as needed.