Southern Eye Center honors employees

The surgeons of Southern Eye Center realize that their success is, in large part, due to dedicated and capable employees. Each year a celebration banquet is held in honor of employees with more than 5 years of service to the practice.

This year’s group includes more than 50 employees with special honors given to the following: Dr. Stan Saulny, Pam Bates, Valerie Webb, Sharon Bolling, Amy Baggett, Shannon Thurman, Amy Herrin, and Ellen Pierce for 5 years of service; Christine Sandifer for 10 years of service; Sherry Pace for 15 years of service, Dr. Jaime Jiménez for 20 years of service; Marsha Evans and Linda Genin for 25 years of service; and Dr. Lynn B. McMahan for 35 years of service.

“It is our ability, commitment, and hard work that continues set us apart” says Dr. Lynn McMahan celebrating 35 years of service. He also added “this is one of the many ways we continue to thank our employees for their loyalty to Southern Eye Center and our patients.”