Senator Roger Wicker Visits SEC

United States Senator Roger Wicker visited the Southern Eye Center on Thursday, October 2. One of the primary points of emphasis for the Senator, who has served the State of Mississippi since December of 2007, was the concern for small businesses in Hattiesburg.

“A lot of people feed their families by being employees at a facility like this, and so I’m here today to learn as much as I can while Congress is not in session and see if there’s not a way we can make the rules more efficient for the patients and for the people providing healthcare,” Wicker told WDAM-TV. To read more about WDAM-TV’s coverage of the Senator Roger Wicker’s visit, click here.



The Senator toured SEC and spent time visiting with Kiper Nelson, M.D., the SEC staff and patients. He was even able to observe a procedure.


“I’m actually getting to do something today that most members of Congress don’t ever have the opportunity to do, and that’s actually see the health care provider tending to the patients,” Wicker told The Hattiesburg American. “This is one type of surgical facility that treats people with eye injuries, and I have a concern because they have to deal with the federal agencies.”

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