Retina Surgery and Treatment

What is the retina?

The retina is a delicate layer of light sensitive multi-layered membrane that lines the back of the eye. It can be described as the film of the eye. When this film is damaged with disease, it affects our ability to see. The “macula” is the central area of the retina responsible for our best vision.

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Understanding The Retina

The retina is a very complex part of the eye that is responsible for transmitting images through the optic nerve to the brain. It is actually a layer at the back of the eyeball containing cells that are sensitive to light and that trigger nerve impulses. It is like the wallpaper on the back of the eye made up of several layers that contain the rods and cones which are responsible of our black and white and color vision respectively. If you have been told that you have retina eye problems we would be happy to arrange an eye appointment to give you a complete diagnosis. If you are seeking a Hattiesburg retina eye specialist please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are dedicated to the best retina eye care in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Please feel free to read through our retina eye care patient education listed below to get more knowledge of the types of diseases associated with the retina and the back of the eye.

Common Retinal diseases

The retina is affected by many diseases and at Southern Eye Center, we treat many of these conditions. Our skilled doctors in Hattiesburg are equipped to handle any retinal issue you may have, including the following diseases and conditions:

Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinal Detachment

Macula Pucker

Retinal Vein Occlusion


Retinal procedures

Our doctors are highly trained and have many years of retinal treatment experience. Many retinal diseases and conditions are treatable, and at Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg, we offer these procedures to those seeking treatment for their retinal problems:

Intraocular Injections

Laser Therapy

Intraocular Surgery


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Our Retina Specialist

Our retina specialist here in Hattiesburg, MS is here to help guide you through the diagnosis and treatment process that goes along with having a retinal disease. Your worries will be put to rest with our highly skilled and trained retinal specialist here at Southern Eye Center. With a deep, specialized understanding of the retina and years of experience as a retinal surgeon, there is no better doctor in the Hattiesburg area to treat your retinal disease. If you are looking for the perfect retina doctor for you, look no further than Jaime Jiménez, MD, here at Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg.


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Dr. Jiménez, Hattiesburg retina surgeon, attended medical school and residency at the Medical Sciences Campus (UPR), where he served as Chief Resident. He completed his fellowship-training in vitreo-retinal diseases and surgery at the University of Texas in Houston. Dr. Jiménez also served as Assistant Chief of Ophthalmology at Keesler Air Force Base where he received an Air Force Commendation Medal.

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