Relief Is In Sight For Dry Eye Sufferers

Dry eye has long been considered a condition to be treated with artificial tears, medicated eye drops and/or tear duct plugs. Ophthalmologists and corneal specialists, however, recognize it as a chronic and complicated medical condition with a multitude of causes and treatments. Left untreated, dry eye can result in irreversible damage to the eye. The symptoms of dry eye often overlap those of other conditions, making diagnosis and treatment difficult.

A key element in understanding dry eye is patient education. In many cases, patients are frustrated from repeatedly having their symptoms treated rather than their actual conditions. For many years, it has been automatic to prescribe artificial tears, but the source of dry eye is much more than a lack of tears. It is a multifaceted condition of the ocular surface with discomfort, vision disturbance and instability of tear film.

SEC - Lipiflow

Dr. Kiper Nelson receives the LipiFlow Treatment.

Factors such as lifestyle, age and overall health must be taken into consideration when treating dry eye. Health conditions, which often seem unrelated to ocular health may, in fact, contribute to dry eye. In addition, many medications can cause dry eye as well.

With treatments almost as numerous as the causes, there has been no effective or long-lasting solution to dry eye – until now. With the FDA approval of LipiFlow®, we are now able to treat the cause, rather than just the symptoms of dry eye. It is, in fact, the only treatment approved by the FDA for long-term relief of dry eye.

Southern Eye Center dry eye patient, Lee Walker, notes, “I have Glaucoma, and the medication caused my eyes to be irritated. LipiFlow improved my condition and made my symptoms much more comfortable.” He also says, “Even my vision has improved since the treatment.”

LipiFlow uses a Thermal Pulsation System, which applies precisely controlled heat and massage therapy to your inner eyelids, encouraging your body to resume the natural production of the lipids (oils) needed for healthy tear film. The treatment to unclog the meibomian glands is performed in clinic and takes only a few minutes.

Cameron Griffith, M.D.

Cameron Griffith, M.D.

“It is such a pleasure to be able to offer our patients, who may have been suffering from dry eye for years, significant relief from their dry eye symptoms,” says Dr. Cameron Griffith, fellowship-trained surgeon at Southern Eye Center in Hattiesburg, MS. “This revolutionary new technology allows us to offer long-term solutions to a condition which has previously only been treated with eye drops.”

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