A recent breakthrough in vision correction is helping many patients over 40 read clearly again without the aid of reading glasses. The KAMRA Inlay is a small, circular device that is inserted into the eye, focusing light properly onto the retina creating clearer up close vision.

What is the KAMRA Inlay?

The KAMRA Inlay is smaller than the average contact lens and looks similar to a tiny donut. It has a 1.6 mm opening in the center with a ring that contains tiny, microscopic openings so that oxygen and other nutrients can flow through your eye naturally. When implanted in the eye, the center blocks unfocused light in order to better focus that light on the retina.

See Close and Far Away

The KAMRA Inlay is inserted in the non-dominant eye, allowing the eyes to work together for clear vision up close and at a distance. Monovision laser correction corrects one eye for distance and the other for near vision. Although this provides results for many patients, vision changes can occur with aging. In the case of the KAMRA Inlay, even as vision deteriorates, the device continues to work, providing a long-term solution for near vision issues. Insertion of the device takes only about 20 minutes with the patient remaining awake and alert throughout the procedure. The doctor uses numbing drops in the eye during the procedure, so there is no concern about the after-effects of anesthesia.


The KAMRA Inlay is an option for patients who suffer from presbyopia, a natural process of aging in which the lens of the eye becomes less flexible and is unable to adjust to focus light properly. This condition is common in patients over 40, who have noticed the need to hold papers further away to read or have difficulty reading words on a computer screen. The KAMRA Inlay has been shown to reduce or in some cases, even eliminate dependency on reading glasses.

For patients who are constantly searching for a pair of reading glasses or are tired of being unable to read the newspaper, a menu or a computer screen, the Kamra corneal inlay may be the solution to your reading vision issues.

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 The Kamra Inlay Procedure

If you are over 40, it is more than likely that you are dependent on reading glasses to work on your computer, read the newspaper or order from a menu. This can be a hassle if you forget to take your readers with you or are unable to locate a pair when you need them. The KAMRA Inlay may be just the device you need to reduce your dependency on reading glasses.

The KAMRA Inlay

The KAMRA Inlay is smaller than the average contact lens and looks almost like a tiny donut. The center of the device is open, surrounded by a ring with thousands of tiny openings that allow oxygen and other nutrients to flow freely through the eye as they do naturally. The device works very similar to a camera by focusing light that enters the eye, so it reaches the retina properly.

The Procedure

During the procedure, which takes approximately 20 minutes, the patient is awake and alert. The doctor will use numbing drops in the eye to be sure the patient is comfortable and will use a laser to create a small flap in the first few layers of the eye. There may be slight pressure during this part of the procedure but it only lasts a few seconds. The KAMRA Inlay is then placed within the opening.

The eye may feel irritated or scratchy and may be sensitive to light or tear excessively. The patient will receive medications that will help with those symptoms. The patient will not be able to drive home, so it will be necessary to have a driver after the procedure. The KAMRA Inlay is designed to reduce or, in some cases, even eliminate the need for reading glasses.

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The Recovery

The KAMRA Inlay is a revolutionary device designed to improve near vision and reduce dependency on reading glasses. The inlay makes it easier to read text messages, see computer screens or order from menus without scrambling for readers while also maintaining distance vision.

As with any surgical procedure, it is critical to follow doctor’s orders as closely as possible. Vision improvement and healing time is different for everyone. Some patients see improvement within a week, while others may take several months or more for vision to become clear. It is typical to see vision fluctuations for the first three to six months, as the brain adapts to vision correction. Dry eye is also a common issue after surgery. These symptoms should stabilize, as time progresses and patients continue to follow the doctor’s instructions.


Most patients resume normal activity within 24 and 48 hours. Some precautions are necessary, however, to promote healing and to get the best results from surgery. Avoid using reading glasses and keep follow-up appointments with the doctor. Be sure to take all prescribed medications, including artificial tears, to avoid developing dry eye. It is important to remember that reading glasses may still be necessary for some things such as tiny print or reading in dim light. The device can be safely removed if necessary.

Safety Information

The KAMRA Inlay is helping thousands of people all over the globe regain clear vision and reduce dependency on reading glasses. Following doctor’s orders provides the most favorable results. Although there are risks involved, they are similar to the risks of other eye surgeries.

The KAMRA Inlay may cause blurred or double vision, ghost images, glare or halos. If the device must be removed, most patients return to the level of vision they had before the insertion of the KAMRA Inlay.

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