New treatment for Kerataconus

Intacs approved for the treatment of Kerataconus  

Insurance companies are now approving Intacs for the treatment of Keratoconus – Intacs are prescription corneal inserts that are inserted into the tissue of the cornea (the clear, front surface of the eye) to treat Keratoconus, a disease that creates a thinning of the cornea and can result in loss of vision.

The procedure, which has been performed at Southern Eye Center for more than 10 years, offers a way to stabilize the cornea and restore vision, often preventing the need for a corneal transplant. While corneal transplants are very successful and the number one transplant performed, Intacs offer a much quicker recovery time and is less invasive than a corneal transplant.

All Intacs procedures at Southern Eye Center are performed by fellowship-trained corneal surgeon, Dr. Cameron Griffith.