LASIK Technology

Blade-Free LASIK corrects vision by reshaping the cornea. This technology is one of the most popular forms of vision correction due to its accuracy, safety, quick recovery time, wide range of correction and minimal discomfort. The procedure is performed on both eyes the same day, with no stitches or patches.

Southern Eye Center offers state-of-the-art technology with their Blade-Free LASIK procedure. With Visx Star S4 IR Laser and the Advanced Femtosecond Laser, our experienced surgeons are able to offer the latest in precision, accuracy and safety while tailoring each procedure to the patient’s individual vision needs.

In addition, Southern Eye Center is the only practice in the Pine Belt to offer “One Visit Is It” Blade-Free LASIK Surgery

“One-Visit Is It” is a popular, time-saving option for our patients. We now offer the LASIK examination and procedure on the same day, and patients may resume most normal activities the very next day.

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