Does LASIK hurt?

Patients report little or no discomfort during the procedure due to the use of anesthetic drops. It is not unusual to experience some itching or grittiness for a brief time following LASIK, although proper use of post-operative drops keeps even this slight discomfort to a minimum.

When will I be able to see?

Most patients experience an immediate improvement in their vision and have functional vision the very next day. Full visual results are typically reached within one to three weeks, but individual results vary.

When can I return to my normal activities?

You can resume most normal activities such as driving, working, walking and exercising the day after your procedure. Eye makeup should not be worn for a week. Swimming and contact sports should be avoided for two weeks.

What if my eye moves or I blink during the LASIK treatment?

During the procedure, a small instrument gently holds the eyelid open, so blinking will not occur. The laser tracks each minute eye movement, constantly adjusting to the position of the eye. The eye’s location is measured every four to six milliseconds, and when the eye moves, the laser pauses and automatically realigns.

Will I need to wear glasses after LASIK?

Most patients who have Blade-Free LASIK performed by the fellowship-trained surgeons at Southern Eye Center no longer need glasses for daily activities. If you are over 40 and did not elect for MonoVision LASIK, however, you will need reading glasses due to the natural aging process of the eye.

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