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Leading the way to better vision

Imagine life without glasses or contact lenses. . . vision with amazing clarity. Activities such as biking, swimming, tennis and golf are more enjoyable because you don’t have to worry about glasses sliding down your nose or losing a contact lens. Dr. Griffith and Dr. Nelson, two of Southern Eye Center’s remarkable fellowship-trained LASIK surgeons, strive to provide this freedom to those who choose Southern Eye Center for vision correction.

When deciding where to have your LASIK vision correction procedure performed, a few things should stand out. State-of-the-art technology, exemplary patient care, and surgical experience, are among those things. At Southern Eye Center, you will experience these distinct advantages and extraordinary quality of care at every visit. We know every patient’s vision corrective needs are different; there is no “one size fits all” attitude at Southern Eye Center. We have invested in technology that allows us to customize the best treatment for each eye.

Our patients can be confident in our entire fellowship-trained LASIK team’s dedication to providing unsurpassed vision results. In addition, our patient service is where you will truly see the Southern Eye Center difference.

When it comes to vision correction, there is only one clear choice… SOUTHERN EYE CENTER.

Is LASIK an option for you? Click below to Take Our 60-Second LASIK Self-Test to find out more!
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What is blade-free lasik?

LASIK is a procedure that corrects vision by reshaping the cornea using the precision of excimer laser technology. Blade-Free indicates that the pathway for the treatment is created with a laser. This combination is one of the most popular forms of vision correction due to its accuracy, safety, quick recovery time, wide range of correction and minimal discomfort. The procedure is performed on both eyes the same day, and stitches or patches are not necessary.
Bladeless LASIK

Advanced Technology

Blade-Free LASIK – More Safety, More Accuracy, 100% Personalized

Most patients are surprised to find that “traditional” LASIK is not performed entirely with lasers. The first step in traditional LASIK, creating the flap, is performed using a hand-held mechanical blade (microkeratome). Only the second step, reshaping the cornea, is performed using a laser. This blade and laser combination is no longer the safest LASIK procedure available and is considered to be an outdated method.

Since laser vision correction was introduced well over a decade ago, steady advancements have been made in technology, leading to enhanced safety and visual outcomes. Always at the forefront of technology, it is no surprise that Southern Eye Center was the first to perform Blade-Free LASIK in the Pine Belt.

With Blade-Free LASIK, the metal blade is eliminated – offering a premium level of safety and precision. The procedure is so safe that all branches of the U.S. Military and NASA have approved it for their service men and women.

Leading the Way in LASIK Technology

Thanks to Blade-Free LASIK, most people who meet the general age and health requirements are candidates. Blade-Free LASIK has earned FDA approval to treat the broadest range of vision imperfections – including mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In fact, more than 94% of the eligible population is now a potential candidate for Blade-Free LASIK. Even if you were not a candidate for laser vision correction in the past, you may be now be a candidate. Southern Eye Center can perform tests to discern your eligibility for Blade-Free LASIK.

Advanced Technology



You may have heard quite a few myths about LASIK over the years, but we are here to help answer your questions.

A few of the most common misunderstandings about LASIK include:

  • MYTH: LASIK is risky and unproven.  FACT: LASIK is the most studied elective procedure in all of medicine.
  • MYTH: Refractive Surgeons won’t have LASIK done on themselves.   FACT: 63% of Refractive Surgeons have had LASIK.
  • MYTH: LASIK makes your night vision worse.   FACT: LASIK does not affect night vision, and may even improve it.
  • MYTH: Having LASIK can make your myopia worse.   FACT: Myopia typically doesn’t progress after having LASIK.
  • MYTH: It is unsafe to fly after having LASIK.   FACT: LASIK has been approved for all flight activities.
  • MYTH: LASIK causes dry eye.   FACT: Dryness is reduced over time after LASIK.

For more facts about LASIK, click here.


Is LASIK an option for you? Click below to Take Our 60-Second LASIK Self-Test to find out more!
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What to expect

Upon registration completion, testing is performed to measure correction and corneal thickness. One of Southern Eye Center’s fellowship-trained LASIK surgeons will examine your eyes, obtain information for the vision correction option and answer any questions. A technician will review post-operative instructions. Oral medication will be administered to ensure relaxation and a nap following the procedure. Although numbing drops are used in the eyes, you will remain awake for the 20-30 minute visit to the laser suite.

A friend or family member must accompany you to the appointment, remain with you for the entire visit and serve as your driver following your procedure.

Most patients drive, return to work and perform normal daily activities the following day. Your first post-operative visit allows the doctor to check your vision and answer any questions.

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Is LASIK an option for you? Click below to Take Our 60-Second LASIK Self-Test to find out more!
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