How to Get LASIK for Graduation


Get LASIk for Grad

Your graduation day is FINALLY here. All the sweat, tears, sleepless nightsand stressed-out days, and now… the payoff.

It comes down to a 30-foot stroll across the stage, a handshake and one incredibly expensive piece of paper.

Before you zip up that gown and take the walk toward freedom, let’s talk about the one thing that continues to be a hassle to graduates even after they have diploma in-hand – bad eyesight.

If you want a clear vision for this new, postgraduate chapter of your life, LASIK is the route to take.

Cue mom and dad. They’re going to get you a gift anyway, make it one that you’ll ACTUALLY remember (and still appreciate) decades from now.

Here are a few ideas. Mull them over, use whichever makes sense for you:

1. Tell your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa that your glasses keep slipping or your contacts get dry and itchy, that they’re a major distraction when you’re trying to do your work.
Try this: “I don’t want to start this next stage of life restricted by my glasses or contacts. I want to give this next phase my all, and don’t want glasses or contacts getting in the way.”
They’ll appreciate your drive and don’t want you to be held back, of course.

2. Remind them what a great investment it is and how much money they (or you) will save.
Try this: “Did you know that they say that LASIK can pretty much pay for itself within 3 years? If you add up all that we’re spending on glasses, spare pairs, contacts, exams, solution, cases, etc., LASIK is an awesome investment. Plus they have payment plans that can make it less than our cell phone bill.”
Talk money. This will show you’re responsible and have done your research. They won’t be able to deny that!
Ask your entire family to contribute to a LASIK fund for you, just like Mom and Dad, they’re also going to buy you a gift anyway, right?

3. Tell them you’ll pay for the consultation yourself!
Psst… it’s totally FREE.

There you go. You’re armed with dialogue. Now go make it happen!
And as for that free consultation part, give us a shout – 601-264-3937 – or click here to schedule online. Yes, it really is free. We can even call mom and dad from the appointment if you want to tell them how excited you are that you’re a LASIK candidate.
We’ll see you soon, grad.

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