Customized Lens Implants Now at Southern Eye Center

Southern Eye Center is pleased to announce the implementation of the low power Technis Multifocal Lens Implant at our Hattiesburg facility. This lens implant has previously been available in only one power. The new Technis Multifocal Lens implants have different options for reading power, depending upon the patient’s activities and their desired reading and working distance.

lens implant - Nelson 16-revised

Kiper C. Nelson, M.D.

“The availability of these new lens implants allows us to customize the patient’s vision for their lifestyle and specific vision care needs.” says Kiper C. Nelson, M.D.

The improved implants along with the blade-free laser cataract procedure offer even more individualized treatment, so we can tailor the procedure to meet each patient’s needs.

For more information on the new Tecnis Multifocal Lens Implant or to schedule your cataract consultation, contact Southern Eye Center at 601.264.3937 or visit


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