Cataract Removal Surgery

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A cataract is simply a part of the body’s normal aging process; the natural clear lens of the eye (located behind the colored iris) becomes cloudy as we age. Just as a camera uses a lens to focus objects on film, the eye also uses a lens to focus objects on the retina. A cloudy lens results in dull or hazy vision. As a cataract matures, reading and driving become more difficult. If left untreated, the cataract may result in total vision loss. Once a cataract has begun to form, glasses may improve vision for a while, but removing the cataract is the only way to eliminate the cloudy haze.

Cataract removal is one of the most advanced procedures performed in medicine today. At Southern Eye Center our experienced team of fellowship-trained surgeons offers 1VISIT cataract removal. Our patients are able to come in for an evaluation, undergo special testing and have their procedure performed all in the same visit – making the cataract procedure as convenient as possible for the patient. Our fellowship-trained surgeons were among the first in the country to perform cataract removal using phacoemulsification, a technique that allows the surgeon to remove the cataract through a microscopic incision eliminating the need for stitches and patches, so the eye can heal naturally. Patients are able to return to work and enjoy normal activities the day following cataract removal.

Once the cloudy lens is removed, a clear lens implant is inserted. A cataract never grows back once it is removed. Surrounding the lens of the eye is a thin sac that offers support for the lens. This sac is left in place to support the implant lens. Over time, the sac will begin to cloud, and a Yag laser may be performed to create a clear opening in the sac, allowing light to pass through and restoring clear vision.

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are the first in Mississippi to perform iCataract™ – Blade free, laser assisted cataract removal. This technique is truly the most advanced cataract procedure available. It uses the Femtosecond laser to create the incisions for cataract removal as well as incisions needed to correct astigmatism. The iCataract™ procedure offers patients faster healing time and quicker visual recovery.

Standard Vision

Unlike dentures or hearing aids, your lens implant will remain with you for the rest of your life. Choosing the correct implant, therefore, is one of the most important decisions you can make. Southern Eye Center offers a number of choices, so you can be assured of getting the correct lens for your particular lifestyle.

The standard lens implant that has been around since the 1970s is a single focus lens – meaning it can correct your vision at a single distance. While this is an advantage over seeing through a cloudy cataract, it is likely you will depend on bifocals for intermediate and near vision.

For patients on a limited budget, a Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) may be performed to reduce astigmatism and improve vision at a small additional fee.

Precision Vision

Using modern technology, High Definition lens implants were created offering significantly improved vision compared to the standard lens implant. A High Definition lens implant uses Wavefront technology that incorporates 3D imagery into the design of the lens and provides you with better overall vision than traditional lens implants. As reported in FDA studies, High Definition lens implants offer patients improved contrast sensitivity, color perception, functional vision and improved night vision.

For patients with blurry vision due to astigmatism – a condition caused by an irregularly shaped cornea, a Toric lens may be the best choice. A Toric lens implant is designed to correct your astigmatism resulting in improved distance vision. Prior to the development of this advanced lens, an additional procedure or glasses would be required to correct astigmatism. While this lens implant is designed to correct your astigmatism and improve your distance vision, reading glasses may still be required for near vision tasks.

The Precision Package offers a High Definition Lens or Toric Lens and includes an LRI (Limbal Relaxing Incision) to correct Astigmatism and LASIK fine tuning as needed. This package is ideal for patients who desire better distance vision and want to correct their astigmatism.

iCataract – Blade-free, laser assisted cataract removal with blade-free astigmatism correction may be added to this package offering increased predictability, high precision and quicker visual recovery.

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Ultimate Vision

Advancements in lens implants give us the ability to offer patients a broader range of vision, mostly without the need for glasses. Anyone over age 40 realizes the frustration of having to search for reading glasses. While nothing will make an older eye see like a 20 year old, specially designed implants are used to expand the range of natural vision.

The Ultimate Vision package is designed for patients who are frustrated with wearing glasses and contacts and want the very best vision with an expanded range for near and distance. This package is ideal for those desiring a more youthful appearance, active parents and grandparents, business professionals, athletes and people on the go.

The Ultimate Vision Package uses iCataract removal technology with a premium lens implant, blade-free cataract incisions for greater precision and quicker visual recovery, blade-free astigmatism correction, and LASIK fine tuning as needed.

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