The iCataract Procedure

There is a new cataract technology, iCataract that is able to perform cataract removals without the use of a blade, while still using traditional phaecoemulsification cataract removal techniques.

Until recently, the cataract procedure has been performed by a surgeon using a surgical blade held in his hand to make small micro incisions necessary for a cataract procedure. Although surgeons are very skilled at making cataract incisions, a laser guided by a computer will be more accurate every time. Development of computer software for the AMO Intralase laser which has been in use at Southern Eye Center for some time allows all the cataract incisions to be performed by a Femtosecond laser. Kiper C. Nelson, M.D., a fellowship-trained cataract surgeon and Dr. Cameron S. Griffith, fellowship-trained Cornea surgeon, were the first in Mississippi to perform these procedures.

Dr Nelson says, “A more accurate incision allows for a more accurate result and better vision for the patient. Patients who have had this latest technology can see the results. We are proud to be the ONLY practice in Mississippi performing this procedure.”

iCataract surgery is another advance in eye care and treatment technology that Southern Eye Center feels is important in providing their patients with the highest level of eye care. For more information about scheduling your iCataract consultation please visit or contact us at (601) 264-3937.