Blade Free Astigmatism Correction

Cataract Surgeon is the First in Mississippi to correct Astigmatism with Laser Acurate Incisions

Kiper C. Nelson, M.D., a fellowship-trained cataract and implant surgeon at Southern Eye Center is the first in Mississippi to use a femtosecond laser to perform arcuate incisions for the correction of astigmatism as part of the blade-free cataract procedure.

Nearly 3 million patients undergo cataract removal each year in the United States. This new laser technology now gives surgeons the ability to make precise bladeless incisions during the cataract procedure to customize the treatment and correct astigmatism for each individual patient.

THIS LASER OFFERS A DEGREE OF PRECISION NOT POSSIBLE WITH FREE HAND INCISIONS BY SURGICAL BLADES. “Now using the IFS laser, arcuate incisions and the cataract procedure can be performed with greater accuracy and predictability than ever before possible. This procedure helps patients get clearer vision with a safety profile that is unmatched”, says Dr. Nelson.